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With the right NFV setup, you can fully automate the ConfD Active-Active Fully Synchronous HA Clusters Image.jpgdeployment of cloud native or cloud ready (micro)services. Even though scaling stateless (micro)services is fairly straightforward, what about those times when we need to store configuration and operational data in a database? The database must scale too in order to avoid having it as a single point of failure when it becomes overloaded or the system it runs on crashes.

In this technical application note you will learn how ConfD can enable to scale out in an “Active-Active Fully Synchronous HA Clusters” fashion using only the built-in transaction support for synchronization with very little additional code required.

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Sal LiRosi, Head of Tail-f Sales & Business Development

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Season Greetings from Tail-f

Here at Tail-f, we are excited at this time of year to look back at all that we were able to accomplish in 2016. We are also excited at what 2017 will bring including new opportunities to grow and connect with each of you.

We want to share the warmest feelings of appreciation for your association with us and the amount of good that we can all do. May this time of year be positive and provide you with what you are hoping for most of all in 2017. 

- The Tail-f Team -



Video: Networking Ecosystems in an Era of SDN/NFV – What Really Matters?

This video includes Renee Stromberg discussing the evolution of SDN, what was promised and what the new era of SDN includes and how it matters to the future of enterprise networking. Please take a few minutes to watch this insightful video on the new era of SDN/NFV. 

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Networking Ecosystems in an Era of SDNNFV  Image.jpg

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Tail-f Events

With a new year approaching fast, we have a number of events where we would love to connect with you and discuss what's next. If you will be attending any of the following shows where Tail-f will be presenting in 2017, let's connect:

  • Cisco Live 2017 – EMEA: February 20-24, 2017 in Berlin, Germany
  • MPLS SDN World Congress: March 21-24, 2017 in Paris, France
  • MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test 2017: March 21-24 in Paris, France
  • NFV World Congress 2017: May 2-5, 2017 at the DoubleTree Hilton in San Jose, CA

Learn more about these events here