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Properly supporting automation in your network element is fundamentally key to the success of your product. Network operators understand the importance and value of automation support in devices that they add to their network. Your product must provide standards-based programmability support, implement features correctly, and follow best practices. How can you ensure your product meets your customer’s automation support needs?

The NETCONF & YANG Automation Testing (NYAT) program is designed to help you to test and improve your network element’s automation support. However, you need to understand the principles of automation when designing and implementing your network element long before you can test it.

This is where the Advanced Automation Principles video series comes in. This ongoing video series is a collection of standards-based best practices videos for implementing your NETCONF and YANG-based devices. Each short video in the series examines one particular topic and how it applies to the transactional behavior of and the design of YANG data models for your device when integrating into service automation tools or service orchestrators. Be sure to like and follow the playlist in order to learn when new videos are added to this series.

advnaced automation principles videos