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Altiostar stands at the forefront of mobile network transformation, providing Open vRAN solutions for the world’s largest 5G networks, including Rakuten Mobile. For the product teams developing them, however, these solutions can get complicated—especially when it comes to configuration management.

Previously, Altiostar used an XML-based interface to integrate with element management systems (EMS). However, it was difficult to scale efficiently using this interface, especially when supporting multiple sectors. The debate was whether Altiostar wanted to build all that functionality from scratch or leverage an existing solution.

Read how ConfD provided the management interfaces, including NETCONF, needed for all Altiostar’s 5G Open vRAN solutions while meeting diverse customer needs and helping prepare solutions for future cloud and physical network capabilities.


Altiostar Case Study Image

“We need a solution that can integrate not just on a VNF or CNF, but also in a physical box deployed at a site. With ConfD, we have a common solution to address everything our customers use, from small resource-constrained devices to full, cloud-scale deployments.” 

 – Nirav Salot, Director, Product Lifecycle Management, Altiostar

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