Learn How to Utilize ConfD SNMP Gateway

ConfD makes it easy to NETCONF enable legacy network devices to fully realize the promise of automation via programmability. In this application note, we discuss a feature of ConfD which allows ConfD to fetch operational data from an existing SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c agent and then provide that operational data to any of ConfD's northbound interfaces (NBIs), including NETCONF, without the need to write any code.

This feature is called the SNMP Gateway.  The ConfD application developer simply needs to enable and configure this feature in the confd.conf configuration file.  Then the SNMP MIBs which will be accessed are processed by one of ConfD's tools to generate an equivalent YANG data model which is used by ConfD. The ConfD application developer does not need to write any code in order to make use of this feature. This feature allows the ConfD application developer to leverage an existing SNMP implementation and avoid having to write backend instrumentation code for the operational data.

Read how the ConfD SNMP Gateway makes use of an existing SNMP implementation as a source of operational data when using ConfD. Leveraging this feature can accelerate NETCONF enablement of legacy devices.

Netconf Integration of Legacy SNMP Operational Data

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