Delivering Programmability that Scales

Arrcus, provider of software that powers network transformation, set out to deliver network management by using best in-class horizontal segmentation that frees organizations from traditional constraints and opens up new possibilities for developing infrastructure.

Its product development team set out to find a solution that included network management and programmability with open standards compatibility. Ultimately, they needed an agile solution that supported NETCONF and YANG models which could easily be integrated into any existing network infrastructure.

To deliver the needed capabilities, Arrcus chose Tail-f's ConfD solution to deliver the needed programmability while supporting open-standard APIs for programmatic access.

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Case Study - Arrcus Image

“ConfD was the ideal solution for us to get our product to market. We offer customers a highly flexible network solution based on open standards that frees them from hardware constraints to consistently deliver high performance at internet scale with seamless automation using the most popular programming models.” 

 – Murali Gandluru, VP of Product Management Arrcus

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