Pursuing Better Time to Market with Tail-f

Aviat Networks, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, provides microwave radio solutions to businesses in the public and private sector, enabling them to utilize increasingly popular gigabit data services to supplement traditional wire and fiber connections under challenging conditions.


Aviat was developing the next generation of microwave routers that not only meet the needs of today’s communications, but also future-proof networking needs. To speed its delivery of new solutions and incorporate more intelligent, open standards-based interfaces, Aviat set a goal to find a proven, mature technology for managing the applications built into future appliances. 


While researching network programmability and management solutions, they made the decision to work with a vendor incorporating Tail-f technology, specifically ConfD. Aviat is on track for a more rapid time to market for their products as a result of using ConfD from Tail-f than was previously possible, with a positive overall financial impact on the company.


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Also, you can download a free version of ConfD Basic here.

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“We’ve managed to develop a complex product in a short period of time, delivering a high level of functionality for our Customers while using the latest industry yang models.”
 – Matthew Hansen, Director of Product Line Management at Aviat Networks


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