Finding the Right Control Management Solution

Based in Israel, CGS Tower Networks was founded by top industry veterans as a leading manufacturer of network visibility solutions. Its goal is to provide businesses with solutions that optimize their cyber security and network monitoring capabilities while also reducing costs and complexity in the network environment.


As a new player in an already mature market of network visibility, CGS Tower Networks was looking for a way to quickly scale up its product development and production process. The company required a software framework that made it possible to quickly create cutting-edge network visibility appliances that not only provided the desired feature set for customers, but facilitated a short development cycle by quickly generating management interfaces. After thorough testing CGS chose Tail-f ConfD to deliver the capabilities needed. 


Less than a year after the adopting ConfD, CGS has been able to develop and release two new products, much quicker than would have been possible otherwise. The ability of ConfD to build a generic infrastructure is also laying the foundation for sustaining a continuous line of cutting edge, robust and high performance products with a similar user experience across their product portfolio.


Read the full case study by clicking on the image or link on this page.


Also, you can download a free version of ConfD Basic here.

CGS Tower Networks Case Study Image.jpg

“Tail-f support has been excellent on both the technical and the business side, supporting the flexibility of CGS to effectively meet business objectives. We appreciate the partnership with Tail-f.” – Shlomo Gurfinkel, CEO of CGS Tower Networks President


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