Implement a gNMI Adapter using existing ConfD APIs

Recently, the gNMI (gRPC based) management protocol, which makes use of YANG data models, has become popular primarily around OpenConfig and for streaming telemetry. However, the limited configuration support of gNMI compared to NETCONF has made it less popular for configuration management. While ConfD does not directly provide a gNMI northbound interface (NBI), it does provide APIs that can be used to implement (full or partial) gNMI functionality.

A new demo project called ConfD gNMI Adapter has been started at ConfD-Developer on GitHub. This example project implements the gNMI Adapter over existing ConfD APIs. The project does not aim to provide full, production grade gNMI functionality. Rather, it is a starting point. The code can be directly used (or used with minor modification) with all gNMI messages.

Download our new “gNMI Adapter for ConfD” application note which describes the new example project on GitHub and how to implement an example gNMI Adapter using existing ConfD APIs.

gNMI Adapter App Note Cover