Connect the dots from New to Legacy Systems 

Organizations developing new systems often leverage the CDB API to provide access to configuration data making the data more accessible and easier to customize in new system developments. Unfortunately, what the CDB API does well for new systems may not be applicable for mature platforms. Customers have asked if ConfD is capable of supporting their existing management infrastructure, while tying directly to a new management interface, such as NETCONF and RESTCONF, in a seamless fashion. While doing a thorough review of the CDB API we found the parts that are very useful for legacy platforms.

Download this application note to see the relevant parts of the integration capabilities and how ConfD users can integrate new management systems with their legacy counterparts using the CDB API. You will learn:

  • Legacy system integration strategies when using ConfD as the management system
  • Optimizing configuration data in the form of CLI commands or structured data
  • ConfD Example Sets

ConfD Integration with Legacy Systems Using the CDB API_Image

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