Migrate from REST API to RESTCONF 

When ConfD was released there was no standard mapping of YANG data models to REST techniques. So, based on customer demand, we invented and implemented a REST API for ConfD. Since its release in 2012, it has helped users map YANG data models to a REST API while allowing for comments and feedback on how to improve the REST API over the years.

As previously announced, as of ConfD 7.3, the legacy REST API will be removed from ConfD and we want to prepare all users to migrate their use of the legacy REST API to the IETF standard RESTCONF API. The proprietary legacy REST API in ConfD pre-dates the invention of the RESTCONF standard and we have for some time been preparing ConfD users to discontinue its use.

This application note covers, at a high level, what the legacy REST and RESTCONF APIs are and what's different between the two APIs. It also includes a discussion on how to migrate usage from the legacy REST API to RESTCONF.

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