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One of ConfD's data model driven features is the ability to ConfD CLI_Operational Mode Image.jpgautomatically render a CLI from a YANG data model. This powerful feature provides both development velocity and productivity benefits. The user can easily write a YANG data model, start ConfD, and log into a fully functional, industry-standard style CLI. 

However, the automatically rendered CLI maybe not be exactly what is desired. This month's new application note "Customizing the ConfD CLI: Operational Mode" focuses on the most important operational mode CLI extensions for modifying the auto-rendered show commands that are commonly used when developing a CLI interface.

This is AppNote is a companion to the "Customizing the ConfD CLI: Configuration Mode." 

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Sal LiRosi, Head of Tail-f Sales & Business Development

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OneAccess: Case Study

For over a decade, OneAccess Networking has delivered enterprise network functions designed specifically for service providers’ needs: performance in compact multi-service access routers. To ensure its solutions can easily scale to meet operators’ needs today and in the future, OneAccess launched a complete redesign of its core networking stack. That required a switch to multi-core technology, triggering the decision to look for a new management and programmability solution. The solution was clear - Tail-f ConfD.

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Events: MPLS + SDN + NFV World Congress Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Test 2018

Tail-f will be at this year’s event discussing and demonstrating use cases for ConfD and how to use it to achieve better programmability.

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NETCONF/YANG Interoperability Testing

A few years ago, EANTC introduced NETCONF/YANG to the interop event hosted by the Berlin Tech University. Tail-f has, of course, attended every occasion, with Tail-f providing the gold standard by which all the NETCONF/YANG implementations are measured. 

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Customizing the ConfD CLI: Operational Mode

One of the most visible and powerful features of ConfD is its ability to automatically render a variety of CLI styles from YANG data models.  A ConfD user can simply write a YANG data model, start ConfD, and login and use a full featured CLI without doing any development work.  Many times though, the ConfD user wants to be able to modify or tweak the CLI auto rendering to meet the particular needs of their product.

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