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The promise of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)Trends in NFV Management Image.jpg is to help provide a wide-range of benefits from lower operating costs to faster time-to-revenue to reduced errors. However, all of these depend on a core assumption: that the provisioning of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) can be automated through straightforward management and configuration processes. In theory, this is not controversial. In practice, it can still be elusive.

Our latest whitepaper, "Trends in NFV Management," provides an overview of the complexities of “Day 1” configuration management and automation in virtualized environments for NEPs. You will learn about the unique management challenges that NFV poses and what are the newer approaches to account for these challenges, and the need to shift from network management to “network programmability” in today’s virtualized world. celebrities.

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Sal LiRosi, Head of Tail-f Sales & Business Development


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Trends in VNF Management

At NFV World Congress earlier this year we presented on “Trends in VNF Management.” The presentation discusses the VNF management challenges, why they make network programmability more important for implementing automation, and what network programmability is and how to achieve it. Take a few minutes to watch this insightful video.


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Latest Blog Post: 

Trends in NFV Management

In the past several months, we have presented several talks and blog posts about the importance of network programmability for configuration management of VNFs in a NFV environment.  This month we are releasing a new whitepaper which takes an in-depth look at this topic. 

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