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Operating system level virtualization using containers has AppNote_ConfD on Docker image.jpgbecome a popular alternative to building and maintaining full virtual machine images. Simply because container images are a lightweight, stand-alone, executable package of a piece of software that includes everything needed to run it: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and settings.

It is no wonder so many of our users want to know how ConfD might run inside Docker Containers. To help set the stage we have written a first in a series of AppNotes to explain how to run “ConfD on Docker.” The application note includes examples and a few necessary steps to ensure ConfD is running properly in Docker containers. This is a great primer no matter where you are in the process of exploring or deploying Docker containers.

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Sal LiRosi, Head of Tail-f Sales & Business Development

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With a new year comes a new look! We are excited to announce the new which has been redesigned to provide greater and easier access to information like whitepapers, application notes and videos. Take a peek at what's new in 2018

Whitepaper: Business Case of NETCONF/YANG

Today, network equipment vendors can use their implementation of NETCONF and YANG as a point of competitive differentiation, but we know that won’t last as service providers require new devices to include both standards. Network management and programmability are top of mind as more and more service providers move into the new era of automated network services.

Our whitepaper “Creating the Programmable Network: The Business Case for NETCONF/YANG in Network Devices” examines market drivers, shares detailed background on NETCONF/YANG and shows some of the adoption of these standards.

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ConfD on Docker

From time-to-time, we get asked some interesting questions on ConfD’s integration capabilities and what else can it be used for. We have been asked on more than one occasion about Docker and how we might work with, complement or support it. The good news is - ConfD works great with Docker based virtualized network functions. 

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