Learn How to Utilize ConfD Where Operational State Data is Provided

ConfD’s main strength is to quickly provide end user operators and higher-level management systems a set of full featured, high-quality, programmable northbound interfaces to manage the configuration of network elements using transactions to provision services. Because operational state data is also important, ConfD provides various APIs to integrate with components of the network element’s application architecture for both configuration and operational state data.

This application note describes and explains some advanced concepts of the Data Provider API (DP API) related to operational state data for the “pull” approach. The goal of this application note is to give some guidance to the many use cases and features supported by ConfD for retrieving operational data using, for example, NETCONF and when and how to provide the requested operational data from ConfD's CDB, a cache, or an external database such as PostgreSQL or Apache Cassandra.

We highly recommended you read this application note with the previously released “Inside the ConfD Operational Data Provider API” application note and the ConfD User Guide chapter on operational state data, external database, and the DP API, CDB API, and Management Agent API (MAAPI) documentation.

ConfD Operational Data and External Databases Image

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