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On-Demand: The ConfD Transaction Manager


As a ConfD application developer the big picture is critical when data is read or written from any of the ConfD northbound interfaces. This data must go through the ConfD transaction engine before reaching the CDB datastores and applications via the southbound APIs.

The ConfD transaction manager is tightly integrated with all ConfD components. When designing your application integration with ConfD and configuring ConfD, there are a number of crucial questions to consider. For example, are you going to enable the candidate datastore? Are you going to make use of the logical datastores that come with NMDA? How will you read configuration changes from your application? Will you allow shared mode for the CLI? These are just some of the decisions which need to be made during application design.

This will be a one hour webinar focused on ConfD's transaction engine and  the most common and impactful design decisions to leverage when integrating with ConfD’s transaction manager.

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