ConfD Integration with Cisco NSO

Application Note 

Learn how to best configure ConfD Integration with NSO Image.jpgConfD for use with NSO 

Creating and configuring network services is a complex task that often requires an integrated set of configuration changes to every device in the service chain; i.e. a network wide transaction. Cisco NSO plays a central role in configuration management for the entire network and supports various network management protocols including NETCONF and CLI to maintain multi-vendor device configurations in the network. In order for a device type to be managed by NSO, a Network Element Driver (NED) needs to be built.


This technical application discusses how to best configure ConfD for use with NSO, how to configure NSO to use NETCONF to communicate with a ConfD based network element, and how to test communication between NSO and a ConfD based network element using NETCONF. Additionally, it describes the process of building a NSO NED using the Pioneer package for a NETCONF-enabled ConfD device. 


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