Compatibility with Maturity 

Datacom, provider of data communications needs, set out to solve its legacy OS challenges that were slowing down the development process. 

Datacom's architects were tasked with researching alternatives that included three key factors: feature set, maturity and compatibility. 

To deliver the needed capabilities, Datacom chose Tail-f's ConfD solution to take center stage in its new DmOS operating system to help revitalize rapid product development. 

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Datacom Case Study Image

“We selected ConfD from Tail-f because it’s the most mature solution on the market, with the feature set to expedite our product development process and overcome legacy issues. Now, ConfD is the center of the interface for the new product line we have launched. It allows us to focus on R&D that will meet our customers’ needs.” 

 – Ricardo Pianta, Engineering Manager at Datacom

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