Whitepaper: Inside RESTCONF


Learn How RESTCONF Works, Where it Should and Shouldn't Be Used 

Organizations in all industries want to lower operating costs and decrease time-to-value of new services. By automating the configuration and management of network elements (both physical and virtual), organizations can eliminate huge amounts of manual effort, and create and provision services much more quickly.


To accomplish this automation, however, southbound network elements must be programmable by northbound systems such as orchestration platforms and software defined networking (SDN) controllers. As a result, network equipment vendors are looking for the best approach to enable their network elements to communicate with these systems.


Download this whitepaper on the recently standardized RESTCONF protocol and find out how it can be more effectively used in determining network equipment development strategies. You will learn:

  • The parameters of leveraging the RESTCONF standard
  • Key features, resources and methods when using RESTCONF
  • Limitations of RESTCONF 
  • How RESTCONF compares to NETCONF
Inside Restconf