Increase Performance by Moving Less Data

In order to minimize the amount of data that needs to cross the network, most northbound management interfaces include support to receive a query when data is requested. Prior to ConfD 7.1, query filters were only applied in the ConfD core engine. We knew that this was inefficient for very large data sets, introduced latency in the response, and could be costly for the Data Provider to gather all the data.

With ConfD 7.1, we addressed this with the introduction of the "List Filters" feature. This feature is part of the Data Provider API (DPAPI) and enables ConfD to pass query criteria to a Data Provider in order to have the backend code filter for matching data in a YANG list prior to sending it to the ConfD core engine.

Download our “List Filters in ConfD” application note to get an introduction to the List Filters feature – what it is, how it works, and how to implement it in your Data Provider code.

List Filter In ConfD AppNote Image

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