Whitepaper - Managing Distributed Systems Using NETCONF and RESTCONF Transactions

Realize Significant Benefits from Programmable Networks Using Transactions

A few years ago, timelines to activate or change a network service could span weeks or even months. To meet escalating customer requirements, operators need much faster, more flexible, and more reliable service delivery today. To meet these needs, programmability and transactions are the key features that are needed in order to be able to quickly launch new products and update existing ones.

Download the “Managing Distributed Systems Using NETCONF and RESTCONF Transactions” whitepaper to get a technical overview of how NETCONF-enabled devices can support automated service provisioning using transactions in real-world operator networks.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How transactions can be used to automate the configuration of all participating instances in the network
  • Strategies for addressing services and applications with different requirements for different situations
  • The importance of the IETF-standardized NETCONF protocol and its associated data modeling language, YANG, in automating and programming the network transactionally
  • Why RESTCONF is insufficient for environments that use distributed network wide transactions
Managing Distributed Systems Whitepaper Image