Simplify Service Deployments Across Multiple Devices

Migrating from a CLI NED to a NETCONF NED for an existing Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) service application can be challenging. This application note provides you with examples and details on how to best use a NETCONF NED and steps to make migration from a CLI NED easier. You will learn:

  • Why should you use a NETCONF NED?
  • Steps for migrating from a CLI NED to a NETCONF NED
  • Examples for demonstrating the CLI NED to NETCONF NED migration procedure
  • Troubleshooting

Download the “How to Migrate from a CLI NED to a NETCONF NED” application note to learn the benefits and troubleshooting best practices for interfacing with network elements using NETCONF instead of CLIs.

NSO AppNote_Migrate from CLI NED to a NETCONF NED

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