NETCONF and YANG Automation Testing Guide

Ensure Proper Implementation of NETCONF and YANG with Key Testing Tool

NETCONF_YANG Automation Testing Guide V3 Image

Want to know whether your network device has implemented NETCONF and YANG properly according to the standards and is compliant with automation best practices for seamless integration into Service Orchestration software? Become a part of the NETCONF & YANG Automation Testing program!

The NETCONF & YANG Automation Testing program is easy to join and provides you with instructions and technical support to perform NETCONF and YANG interoperability and automation best practices testing using Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) and additional tools. This free program is available to Network Element Providers (NEPs) who implement NETCONF and YANG in their products. Technical support along with full documentation for both the setup and use of the test tools is provided as part of the program.

Knowing that your network element’s NETCONF and YANG implementation meets the right standards is a critical part of ensuring your devices stay competitive while meeting your customers’ expectations and RFPs. The NETCONF & YANG Automation Testing Guide describes how you can perform NETCONF and YANG automation testing driven by Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO). This testing guide has been divided into six key sections to help establish a framework for testing interoperability, they include:

  • Reasons for NSO Driven Interoperability Testing
  • Installation of NSO & DrNED Examiner
  • Managing Network Equipment with NETCONF/YANG using NSO
  • Building and Installing a NED using the NETCONF NED Builder
  • Testing the Device NETCONF/ YANG Interface
  • Troubleshooting

Additional levels of testing are possible towards becoming a Cisco NSO Solution Partner.

Download the NETCONF & YANG Automation Testing Guide to learn how to test your NETCONF and YANG implementation for interoperability as well as automation best practices using Cisco NSO.

Additionally, feel free to watch our interactive NETCONF/YANG Automation Testing Demo/Tutorial.