AppNote - NSO Driven NETCONF and YANG Interoperability Testing User Guide

Ensure Proper Implementation of NETCONF and YANG with Key Testing Tool

NSO Interop AppNote ImageKnowing that your network element’s NETCONF and YANG implementation meets the right standards is a critical part of ensuring your devices meet customers’ expectations and RFPs. We recommend that every device provider should do implementation testing and validation during the development phase of any network device.

With this in mind, we have created the “NSO Driven NETCONF and YANG Interoperability Testing User Guide.” This application note has been written for Network Element Providers (NEPs) to describe how to perform NETCONF and YANG interoperability and service automation best practices testing driven by Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO). This application note has been divided into five key sections to help establish a framework for testing interoperability, they include:

  • Reasons for NSO Driven Interoperability Testing
  • Installation of NSO, Pioneer, & DrNED Examiner
  • Building and Installing a NED
  • Testing the Device NETCONF/ YANG Interface
  • Troubleshooting

Download this application note to learn how to test your NETCONF and YANG implementation for interoperability as well as service automation best practices using Cisco NSO.

Learn more about the NSO Driven Interoperability program.