Whitepaper: Programmability in 5G Networks

Learn How Programmability Is Essential To Operating 5G Networks 

In the past, many Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have viewed data model-driven network programmability as a “nice-to-have” capability. They recognized that, in the future, programmable network elements would help them provision services more simply, quickly, and cost-effectively, and lay the foundation for end-to-end network automation. That future is now as MNOs roll out 5G networks and we see that previous approaches are no longer a viable strategy for network management. Data model-driven programmability has become essential for operating 5G networks.

This whitepaper provides an overview of programmability in 5G networks and details the ways that 5G environments differ from legacy architectures and the capabilities MNOs must employ to manage and automate them.

Download the whitepaper today to learn how data model-driven programmability enables many of the core capabilities that operators require to monetize their 5G network investments. You will also understand why NEPs who are looking to sell products into Service Provider networks should make programmable interfaces driven by NETCONF and standardized YANG data models a top priority.

Programmability in 5G Networks Image