Replacing pyang in Your Toolchain

It is never easy replacing something that has been in place for a while, but with the speed of networking and programmability accelerating, it is important to have the right technology in place. In the past, the ConfD confdc tool has been using the pyang tool “under the covers.”  Several versions of ConfD ago, we replaced ConfD's use of pyang with a new tool called “yanger” which provides significant improvements to performance.

As a result of this change, in ConfD 6.5, we provided a deprecation notice regarding not including pyang in future releases of ConfD.  Now, as of ConfD 7.1, pyang is no longer included in the ConfD distribution.  This application note has been written for those customers who have been using pyang from the ConfD distribution.

Download the application application note “Replacing the pyang Tool” to understand the alternatives to using pyang from the ConfD distribution.

Replacing pyang image

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