Developing Network Solutions Faster 

Staying ahead of the competition in the business of real-time communications, cloud services, and beyond requires a forward-looking strategy that meets customers’ demands for new services and capabilities. Ribbon Communications knew they had to standardize programmability in order for the R&D organization to develop new Session Border Controller (SBC) features while rolling them out quickly to the market. 

After discovering ConfD, they quickly realized it would provide the capabilities to standardize programmability in their network elements and instrumentation. By using ConfD, Ribbon’s design team was able to implement a comprehensive, versatile SBC management framework.

The results include:

  • Faster time-to-market for new products and features

  • Simpler product integrations

  • Streamlined transition to cloud

With these capabilities, Ribbon continues to deliver industry-leading SBC solutions, with the agility to quickly deliver new features as customers’ needs and networks evolve.


Ribbon Case Study Image

“Over the past 13 years as we’ve worked with ConfD, we have seen the product evolve, supporting key features like REST and YANG data models, and continually improving security, performance, and scale. The Cisco/Tail-f team has consistently supported us across multiple production releases and helped Ribbon deliver a very feature-rich, model-driven management solution to our customers.” 

 – Mark St. Pierre, Director of Platform Software

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