Achieve Reliable Programmability

Ribbon Communications is a global leader in IP and optical telecommunications solutions. Tier-1 operators around the world rely on Ribbon to help them capitalize on the 5G revolution by providing stable, high-performing transport solutions that are fully open and programmable.

To do this, operators increasingly demand that Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) support standard interfaces like NETCONF and standardized data model-driven programmability via YANG. For NEPs like Ribbon though, complying with these standards in the lab, and relying on them in real-world production environments, are two different things.

Read how Ribbon uses the NETCONF & YANG Automation Testing (NYAT) program to thoroughly test its implementations in production-like scenarios and identify issues before deploying with customers, instead of scrambling to patch them after the fact.


Ribbon Case Study Cover

“Our customers expect devices using open interfaces to be compatible with any other product on the market using those interfaces. NYAT helped us bring our product much closer to that ideal. We can now assure customers that our devices can be managed by multiple vendors using these standards.” 

 – Raunak Sachdeva, Software Development Technical Lead, Ribbon