Leverage Common Programmable APIs 

Sandvine, a provider of Network Intelligence solutions, determined that they had a need for a common programmable management API that was based on NETCONF and YANG as well a common CLI across all their products. They needed all their products to share consistent functionality while having the ability to rapidly develop their backend instrumentation code in a variety of languages. 

After researching various options, Sandvine chose Tail-f’s ConfD solution because of its reputation for flexibility and ability to auto-render a variety of northbound management interfaces resulting in an equal view of management information across all interfaces while providing for fast development time.

Learn how Sandvine was able to quickly deploy NETCONF and YANG based programmable API’s in order to eliminate older APIs that are outdated and less versatile. Get your copy by clicking on the image or link on this page. 

Sandvine Case Study Image

“We need interoperability between the different operational aspects of our products. The end goal is not only to simplify our development process, but also to create a better user experience. ConfD gives us a great deal of flexibility and saves us time while incorporating new functionality moving forward.” 

 – Sundeep Puliccott, Software Manager at Sandvine

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