Simple Management and Configuration Delivered

Helping clients seamlessly merge fixed and mobile networks for mobile operators is priority number one for Tessares. Yet, behind the scenes, they required stronger management and configuration capabilities.

With relatively small operations, they needed a solution that would enable their staff to focus efforts on developing their software and had an interface similar to what people were already using. They needed a specific feature set that integrated with NETCONF and YANG and also supported SNMP. The choice was easy, Tail-f ConfD fit the bill supporting the required features.

Read the full case study by clicking on the image or link on this page.

Also, you can download a free version of ConfD Basic here.

Tessares Case Study Image.jpg

“Developing a new carriergrade network node, such as our Hybrid Access Gateway (HAG), has many challenges. We decided to integrate ConfD in our HAG to provide the required northbound interfaces while our R&D team could focus on our core business. This integration was amazingly smooth. And we know that we have a product that can be easily integrated into the infrastructure of our customers.”

 – Denis Périquet CEO of Tessares

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