Best Practices for ConfD Upgrades

Software upgrades are a common practice to provide new functionality, bug fixes, or even upgrade to a newly supported version of the software. The key is understanding the distinction between a software update and a software upgrade. Updates (or patch) generally deal with very small or minor changes that don’t change or add functionality. Whereas a software upgrade adds significant or completely new changes to the software and a new version number is used. This is the case for ConfD.

ConfD upgrades are necessary in order to benefit from new functionality or to apply bug fixes. It is also necessary to upgrade in order to deploy an actively supported version of ConfD. Upgrades can also be needed due to YANG data model changes and the resulting changes in ConfD application code.

Download our “Upgrading ConfD and the CDB Schema” application note which discusses common ConfD software upgrade scenarios and addresses some challenges and problems that can arise if not planned for ahead of time.

Upgrading ConfD & CBD Schema

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