Quickly Monitor Configuration Database Changes

When a change is detected on the configuration datastore, what can you use to monitor and help trigger an action? ConfD application developers are already familiar with the CDB subscription mechanism. However, there is another lesser known alternative feature called Kicker. This feature in ConfD is a dynamic, declarative notification mechanism for monitoring of configuration database changes. Kicker originated as the Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) needed a dynamic mechanism that could trigger actions based on a change in the configuration or a received NETCONF notification. This feature was inherited by ConfD.

Kicker works for the entire configuration datastore, no matter whether that data is stored in CDB or in an external database via a data provider. Kicker is another tool in the toolbox of the ConfD application developer when incorporating ConfD into their platform.

Download this application note to learn what Kicker is, how you can use it, and when and why you should use it.

Using the Kicker Feature in ConfD Image

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