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On-demand Webinar: Understanding the YANG Push Standard 

Network operators need to be able to collect statistical, performance, and status information from the devices in their network in order to monitor network health, collect information for billing purposes, and be aware of changes that may occur in their networks.  With the increased use of automation and the emergence of concepts such as Intent Based Networking (IBN), systems need to collect more operational data than ever before.

Traditional ways of collecting this data, using a poll model, hit a dead end for the continuously growing amount of data that needs to be collected, and for the normal operation of applications that need to quickly react in a constantly changing and scaling network.

Tune in to this webinar to learn about the YANG Push standard which enables a more efficient and configurable way for Network Devices to push data to subscribed clients, and to understand how ConfD supports this standard.

Duration: 55 minutes

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